About Wilko Johnson

Wlko Johnson’s musical career took off when he started playing with Pigboy Charlie band which evolved into Dr. Feelgood a mainstay of the 1970’s pub rock movement.

He does not use a pick and is left handed but plays his guitar right handed, this allows him to play riffs or solos at the same time. resulting in a highly percussive guitar style. His style – which allowed him to move around abruptly on stage with the jerky movements of an automaton without the fear of losing his pic.

His style formed the essential force behind Dr. Feelgood during their initial years, including the band’s first four albums, Down by the Jetty, Malpractice, Stupidity and Sneakin’ Suspicion, all released between 1975 and 1977. Johnson had a cult following amongst fans of the four-piece band, helped by some electrifying stage performance during their extensive UK and north European touring of that period.

Following a stint with Ian Dury & The Blockheads in the 80’s he eventually formed The Wilko Johnson Band who’s current line up features bass guitar legend Norman Watt -Roy & drummer Dylan Howe. After the 2010 release of ” Oil City Confidential’ & the subsequent great reviews for his performance, it is fair to say that Wilko’s career is fast approaching that of a national treasure.

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