About Sweet

An Iconic British rock band that started life in 1968, they were one of the most prominent bands of the Glam Rock genre.

Their first hit “Funny Funny” came in 1971 after teaming up with songwriters Chin & Chapman.  During 1971 & 1972 their musical style followed a marked progression from the Chin & Chapman bubblegum style to a hard rock band in the vein of “The Who” supplemented by high pitched backing vocals.

Sweet has had a string of hits all over the world, They had 13 Top 20 hits in the 1970s alone.  Their best known being: Block Buster, The Ballroom Blitz, Love is Like Oxygen and their last major hit Fox On The Run.   They have sold in excess of 55 million records worldwide.

The thread that links the past through to the present is Andy Scott. His determination to maintain high standards with the band’s musical legacy and touring is legendary. The band today has an illustrious pedigree recreating “live” the high energy and soaring vocals associated with the Sweet sound that is the band’s trade mark.  They continue to pack venues out all over the world and they have a steady tour diary.

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